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You will never pay any interest with Happy Pay when you pay on time.

Yes. Happy Pay offers a free-spending plan. If you pay on time, you’ll pay no interest.

Signing up for Happy Pay is a breeze! To get started, all you need is a bank account and your basic details. We've made the process as simple as can be, so you can start enjoying the benefits of our BNPL platform in no time. Say goodbye to lengthy forms and hello to a hassle-free sign-up experience with Happy Pay!

To apply for your Happy Pay account, click Sign Up and follow the short process. We’ll do an assessment and immediately give you a spending limit. It’s that easy!

We want you to get the things you want but not at the expense of your credit record or financial health! A few factors determine your spending limit. Essentially, it comes down to your payment behaviour and financial health. With time, good payment behaviour on our platform equals higher spending limits for you. If you have our back, we’ve got yours!

If your application wasn’t accepted, it could be because you have a poor credit history or no history at all. After all, we are giving you access to a free-spending plan, so our system will need to assess several factors to work out your spending limit. Unfortunately, if you don’t meet them, you will be declined. It’s not that we’re being mean, just responsible. We have your best interests at heart, and we need to make sure our customers can pay on time

We've partnered with a fantastic selection of stores that offer our convenient BNPL service. Simply head over to our Store Directory to explore the wide range of options available. Can't find your favorite store on the list? No worries! Just pop us an email at hello@happypay.co.za, and we'll reach out to them to make Happy Pay a part of their payment methods. Your shopping possibilities are about to expand, so let us know which stores you'd like to see on board, and we'll work our magic to bring them on!

Upon sign-up, you’ll be able to make one transaction. Over time, as our relationship blossoms, you’ll be able to run as many transactions as your available spend allows. i.e. multiple purchases.

We don’t charge a deposit. Your first instalment (50% of total amount) is due on your first payday following your purchase, and the remaining 50% is due on your subsequent payday post-purchase

Thanks for being so awesome! Log into your account here and click the ‘Pay Now’ button next to the transaction you want to settle.

Of course! We’d never put you at risk! Our website is SSL secure, and all your data is safe. A compliant South African-based payment gateway handles all payments. We deal with your information per our privacy policy.

Don’t stress; this can take some time, depending on your bank. If it’s been over five (5) working days since receiving an email confirmation of the refund, please contact us at support@happypay.co.za.

You will be notified as soon as a payment fails and after 24 hours you will be charged a late fee. You'll receive a notification via call, email, SMS, or WhatsApp, along with a link to settle the payment yourself before proceeding to the next steps.
To give you a fair chance, the failed payment will attempt again in 7 days. If, unfortunately, the payment fails again, we'll repeat the process up to 3 times, ensuring we support you in fulfilling your payment obligations.
In the event that the late fee payment also fails, we'll charge the transaction amount, late fee, and any applicable interest charges together, 7 days after the first payment failed.
At Happy Pay, we believe in transparency and fairness. Our goal is to assist you in successfully managing your payments and ensuring a smooth shopping experience

Although we’d love to help, we have no control over the goods you’ve bought or their delivery. So, if there’s an issue, you’ll need to take it up with the retailer, and it’s subject to their terms and conditions.

That is strictly between you and the retailer. Should the retailer agree to a refund (per their terms and conditions), they’ll instruct us to refund your payments

Pick an item at your favourite merchant and choose Happy Pay at checkout. If you already have a Happy Pay account, payment will only take two clicks; if not, you’ll need to do a quick sign-up.

You can update your payment details in two different ways: During a Purchase: Choose from your saved cards or add a new card during checkout. On your Dashboard: Click on "Bank Cards" on the sidebar menu to access your saved cards. Click on "Add bank card" and enter the necessary card details. Once you have added the new card, set it as the default card for payment

A late fee is a penalty charged by Happy Pay if you fail to make a payment by the agreed payment date, separate late fees are charged for the first and second instalment

Late fees are applied 24 hours after you missed an instalment

A R100 late fee will be added to your Happy Pay account for failing to settle an instalment on time. Please note that this late fee will be charged every week for a total of three weeks if the payment remains outstanding. Therefore, if you miss the payment deadline, a R100 late fee will be added in the first week, another R100 in the second week, and a final R100 in the third week. Which means a total of R300 can be charged for each instalment that is not paid on time. It is important to settle your payments promptly to avoid incurring additional late fees and to keep your account in good standing.

We will attempt to process the payment again after 7 days. If the payment fails again, an additional late fee of R100 will be applied to your Happy Pay account

We will send a notification via email, and/or SMS, and/or via your Happy Pay account dashboard to inform you about a missed payment and the associated late fee. It's crucial to ensure your contact information is up to date to receive such notifications.

Consistently missing payments can result in additional fees, restrictions to your Happy Pay account, or consequences. These may include increased late fees, suspension of your Happy Pay account, or collection actions.

To avoid late fees, it's important to make your payments on time. Setting up reminders, or closely monitoring your payment schedule (refer to agreed preferred payment date on your Happy Pay account) can help ensure timely payments and prevent late fees

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