What cards does Payflex accept?

You can use any American Express, Visa or Mastercard card (Debit, Credit or Cheque) to make a Payflex payment. It’s so simple.

Is it safe to use Payflex?

Absolutely. Payflex is an established payments company, and part of the $1bn Zip Co group that is listed in Australia. All payments are processed through state-of-the-art PCI compliant payment systems that ensure the security of your payments.

How do I make a Payflex purchase online?

We’re sure you want the short answer – with ease! When you’ve found the item you can’t live without – even if you’re not feeling too flush – click “add to cart” and head to the payment page (it’s the one that usually comes up after you add your info) and select Payflex as your payment method. If you’re a Payflex first-timer, we’ll need to do a painless assessment. All we’ll need are a few personal deets like your name, email address and ID number and our super-quick, awesome software will assess your application.  Our system works in real-time, so if everything checks out, you’ll be good to shop in less than a minute. You’ll have to agree on the instalment schedule and pay your first instalment. Then it’s business as usual, with the retailer preparing your goods for pick-up or to be sent off.

Is there really no interest and no extra fees?

That’s right and we’ll shout if from the rooftops! THERE REALLY IS NO INTEREST OR EXTRA FEES. Simply put, we’re not like your traditional finance companies. We believe in giving you the choice to get it now and pay later! Pay your scheduled payments on time and you’ll pay the original price your item was advertised for. It does sound too good to be true, doesn’t it? There’s only one time you would ever pay more … if you miss a scheduled payment, then sadly, we’ll have to charge a R75 (incl. VAT) default fee to cover our costs and a further R75 (incl. VAT) for every week the instalment is outstanding for a maximum of three (3) charges. So, to avoid the added drama, just make sure you have money in your account in advance of your scheduled instalment. We’ll email you in advance every time as a reminder.

What is required to make my first purchase using Payflex?

If it’s your first-ever time using Payflex, welcome! We’ll just need to iron out some small details (you know, the usual name, mobile number, email address and South African ID number) then we’ll do a quick automatic credit and ID assessment to see that you are who you say you are and all that! No blood test needed. Our system does this instantly and if all is good, and you agree to the payment schedule, you can make your first payment with any Debit, Cheque or Credit card (all Visa, Mastercard or American Express Cards are accepted).

What’s my spending limit?

Obviously, we want you to spend as much as you want to, but someone has to be the grown up, sometimes… Your spending limit is based on a few factors, but basically it comes down to your payment behaviour. We’re in this together so if we see you’ve got our back and keep a good repayment history with Payflex, then we’ll happily increase your spending limit. So, in a nutshell, keep up with your payments. Keeping your score healthy is a two-way street, so if you miss or default on your Payflex payments, then we may decrease your spending limit, so make sure you pay on time, okay?

What’s the maximum I can spend with Payflex?

This depends on your individual Payflex assessment. If you purchase regularly using Payflex and always make your repayments on time, then you’ll be in our good books and we may increase your spending limit over time.

Am I eligible to shop using Payflex?

That depends on you. Are you over the age of 18? Have a South African issued American Express, Visa or Mastercard (debit, cheque and credit are all good)? Live in sunny South Africa and have a good credit history (which our automated system will review when you sign up)? Then you should be good to go.

Why wasn’t my application accepted?

To take advantage of flexing the way you pay, you’ll need to meet our minimum requirements. If you weren’t approved for a flexible payment plan then you may have a poor credit history or no history at all. After all, we are giving you access to a free-spending plan, so our system will need to assess a number of factors to work out your spending limit. Unfortunately, if you don’t meet them, you will be declined. It’s not that we’re being mean, just responsible. We actually have your best interests at heart, and we need to make sure our customers are all geared up to make payments on time.

Where can I pay using Payflex?

Ah, here’s the fun part. We’ve got awesome online Payflex partners all over South Africa. Check out our Store Directory and see which of our fantastic partners offer Payflex on their websites. If your fav store doesn’t have Payflex yet, no worries, just pop us a mail at and we’ll contact the store to add Payflex as a payment method.

How many orders can I have at the same time?

If you’re a first-timer with Payflex, then you’ll have to hang tight until your second scheduled payment has been paid. After that, you can go multiple-order crazy.

When will my payments be due?

Your first payment of 25% will be paid upfront and your goods will be delivered as if you’d paid the whole shebang! After that the next three (3) payments of 25% each will be paid automatically every two (2) weeks, for six (6) weeks. We’ll definitely try to take your payment during the day, but if things go pear-shaped for whatever weird technical reason, or if you’d like to make a payment earlier, you can log in to your Payflex account ( and make your payment manually. Just a heads up, you’ll need to make the payment before midnight on the day it’s due or you’ll incur that dreaded default fee of R75.00 (incl. VAT).

How do I make a manual payment?

If you like to err on the side of caution and want to make an advanced payment instead of your scheduled automatic 25% instalment, no problem. Yay you for being so organised!  Simply log into your account at, go to “Payments” where you’ll see the “Pay” button. If you’ve missed a payment, the same process is followed, but make sure you pay it by midnight the day it is due to avoid a default fee of R75.00 (incl. VAT).

I lost my card, can I change the card?

Oh dear, that’s annoying, but don’t stress, you can change your card details by logging into your Payflex account ( Go to ‘My Profile page’ and click the ‘Add New Card’ button. Once you’ve added a new card and activated it by making a manual payment, it will become your active card for that order. It’s that simple – and we’ll take payment from your new card going forward! Don’t forget to cancel your lost or stolen card though, we don’t want anyone else flexing their Payflex muscles using your card!

Can I change the bank account it comes out of?

You can change a card by logging into your Payflex account (, visiting the My Profile page, and then clicking the ‘Add New Card’ button. Once you’ve added a new card and activated it by making a manual payment it will become your active card. We will no longer try and take payment from previous cards after a new card becomes active.

Are my details safe?

We’d never put you at risk! Our website is SSL secure and we don’t store your card details. All payments are handled by a secure PCI compliant South African-based payment gateway. We promise you that we deal with your information in accordance with our privacy policy.

How do I update my details?

It’s as quick and easy as clicking the checkout button on one of Payflex’s registered online stores! Log into your account at,then update the info on your profile, like your address or debit/credit card. For any other info you need to update, you’ll need to get in touch with us at

I have had a refund processed but it’s still not in my account?

Don’t stress as this can take some time depending on which bank you’re with. If it’s been over five (5) working days since receiving an email confirmation of the refund then please drop us a line at so that we can get right on it for you.

Whoops, I’ve missed a payment. What do I do about that?

That’s ok, we won’t unfriend you yet. Just pay manually by logging into your account at Go to “Payments” where you’ll find the “Pay” button. Make sure you pay it by midnight the day it’s due to avoid that dreaded default fee of R75.00 (incl. VAT).

Can I change my payment date?

Sadly, not really as your Payflex scheduled payment dates are automatically set. So please, please, please, before you confirm your Payflex order, make sure you check that the scheduled two-weekly payment dates suit your budget and bank account. You are however welcome to make an early payment at any time. Simply log in to your Payflex account (, head to the “My Payments” page, go to “Make the next PartPayment early” button and click the green “Pay” button.

When do payments come out?

Generally, we like to try take payments after 10am. Should this fail (fingers crossed it won’t) or if you’d like to make a payment earlier, log in to your Payflex account ( and make the payment manually. You’ll need to make the payment before midnight to avoid a default fee of R75.00 (incl. VAT) and we know neither of us wants that to happen.

Can I pay my order early?

We will be BFFs forever!  Make a manual payment at any time by logging into your account at  Go to “Payments”, look for the “Pay” button which shines brightly next to any upcoming or overdue payments, simply hit this button with all your might to make a payment using your debit, cheque or credit card.

How do your default fees work?

Ah those dreaded default fees, which you’ll never have to pay by the way, if you make all your scheduled payments on time. If, however you don’t, we won’t be super mad at you, but we will have to add a default fee of R75.00 (incl. VAT) to your account to cover our costs. A further R75.00 (incl. VAT) will be charged for every week that the payment remains unpaid. Our default fees are capped at a total of R225.00 (incl. VAT) but we really encourage you to get your payments up-to-date before you get to this point, because at this stage your details may be passed onto a credit bureau (which could negatively impact your credit score) and a we can’t promise that they won’t be super mad at you…

There’s a problem with my purchase/delivery, can you guys help?

While we’d love to help, Payflex unfortunately has no control over the goods you’ve bought or their delivery. So, if there’s an issue, then you’ll need to take it up with the retailer and its subject to their terms and conditions. Sorry bud, wish we could be more help.

I want to return my product, what do I do?

Three’s a crowd, so that relationship is strictly between you and the retailer. If the retailer agrees to a refund (in accordance to their terms and conditions), then they’ll instruct Payflex to refund your payments, no problem.

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